Decision is closer on strategy for Afghanistan: Mattis

Decision is closer on strategy for Afghanistan: Mattis

WASHINGTON: After months of heated internal debate, the Trump administration has almost made a decision on a new approach to fight the 16-year-old war in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Thursday. He gave no hint of what strategy would look like.

In remarks by the State Department, Mattis told reporters that President Donald Trump would hold talks with his national security team Friday at the presidential retreat of Camp David in Maryland, and said the talks “will move to a decision”.

“We are coming very close to a decision, and I anticipate it in the very near future,” he added.

A few months ago, the Pentagon had a plan to send about 3,800 additional troops to reinforce the Afghan army, which is stalled in what some call a stalemate impasse with the Taliban insurgency.

Some in the White House have questioned the wisdom of investing more resources in war, which is the longest in American history.

The administration said its strategy in Afghanistan would be informed by a review of its approach to the wider region, including Pakistan and India. The Taliban have long used Pakistan as a sanctuary, complicating efforts to defeat the insurgency in Afghanistan and stabilize the country.

The prospects in Afghanistan are obscured by the government’s struggle to end the Taliban’s progress. In its most recent report, the US Inspector General for the Reconstruction of Afghanistan said the Taliban is swinging in about half of the country.

Government forces are also fighting a subsidiary of the Islamic state that has widened mainly in eastern Afghanistan.

Trump has promised to crush IS, so the affiliate in Afghanistan poses an additional challenge without immediate solution. Just this week, an American soldier was killed and nearly a dozen were injured in combat with the IS affiliate.

The United States has about 8,400 soldiers in Afghanistan. Their main role is to train and advise Afghan forces, to hunt and kill members of al-Qaeda and other extremist groups.

Trump expressed his frustration at the protracted fighting in Afghanistan. Earlier this summer, he raised the idea of dismissing the first American commander there, General John Nicholson. On July 18, he said, “I want to know why we have been there for 17 years.”

Asked on Monday if Trump has confidence in Nicholson, Mattis has denied.
“Ask the president,” Mattis said. “I will tell you right away, he is our commander on the ground, he has the confidence of NATO, he has the confidence of Afghanistan, he has the confidence of the United States.”

Trump “looks at all aspects” of US involvement in Afghanistan “as it should in his responsibilities as commander-in-chief,” said Mattis.

Legislators in Congress are also frustrated by the war and the protracted debate within the administration on how to break the deadlock. Last week, the Republican senator

John McCain said that “America is adrift in Afghanistan”. He proposed a war strategy that would broaden the US counter-terrorism effort and provide increased support to the Afghan security forces.




A deadly attack on a tourist attraction in Barcelona Thursday caused rapid fire Tweets President Donald Trump, providing a critical test of the apparent support of the right anti-Muslim White House alternative.

A van that plunged into Barcelona’s Las Ramblas business district has killed at least a dozen people and wounded dozens more.

An Islamic State publication, QAMA News, quickly claimed the attack and said it was committed in retaliation against US coalition attacks on the armed group.

Trump quickly condemned the attack on Twitter: “The United States condemns the terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain,” he writes, and will do whatever it takes to help. Be strong and strong, we love you! ”

Minutes later, the president continued: “Study what General Pershing did from the United States to the terrorists when they were taken in. There was no more radical Islamic terrorism for 35 years!
The tweet referred to rumors about United States General John Pershing who fired Filipino Muslim insults with balls soaked in pig blood in the 19th century. The stories have been widely discredited by historians.

The Washington Examiner right, an hour later, reported that the Trump tweeter “resuscitates” Pershing in a possible sign of greater scrutiny by US conservatives against the Trump administration.

American Muslims have quickly found an inconsistency in the handling of Trump Barcelona and the confrontation between white nationalists and their opponents in Charlottesville, Va., Who saw a Protestant antif died when a car plunged into a crowd.

“Obviously we condemn the attack in Barcelona, but we took minutes for Trump’s false information about General Pershing when he said he needed two days to do the facts about Charlottesville.

He just has to write a fake acquaintance just minutes from Barcelona, “said Corey Saylor, a spokesman for the Commission on the American-Islamic Relations advocacy group.


Trump condemned the murder of an anti-Protestant two days after his death. Facing criticism from the press for his refusal to reject racism and KKK, Trump said he needed time to gather data about what happened.

American Muslims and otherwise – get tired of Washington’s inaction over Trump’s divine comments, Saylor said. “Trump goes from crisis to crisis. Every time you think” that’s all “and DC will wake up, and it does not happen.

Unfortunately, I think we will continue to see that this administration basically turns Americans against each other. You will see Americans across this nation who think Trump is not their president looking for ways to resist. “


Babri Masjid case has the potential to be a model for future criminal trials in India, but will it achieve it?

Hearing the challenge of the IWC passed a judgment of the Superior Court of Allahabad confirming the charges of conspiracy against LK Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Uma Bharti and others in the demolition of the Babri mosque case, a court division of the Supreme Court ordered the Court Special in Lucknow solved the procedure to complete the process and will dictate sentence in a period of two years.

The Supreme Court, passing this direction was aware of an order dated December 8, 2011, previously adopted by the High Court of Allahabad, who runs the daily trial before the special judge Raebareli grab case. He noted that “this has been followed in the gap, as less than a hundred witnesses have been examined.” It seems that a person who is not familiar with the legal system of India that two years is sufficient to conclude a trial carried out on hold, to date, more than 20 years. However, evidence in evidence indicates the opposite: Uttar Pradesh has about 2,513 pending cases per judge and a total of 631 290 pending cases for more than 10 years and is always known to have a case of the high rate of elimination!

To discourage deferral, the Supreme Court also ordered the IWC to ensure that the trial was not adjourned due to the absence of witnesses and also ordered the Raebareli trial and Lucknow will remain merged and today follow the view. These instructions do not suppress the inalienable rights of a defendant prior to a trial to cross-examine witnesses as to their examination in court and to remind witnesses rather than counter-examine. Such a retreat of witnesses already examined by the newly added accused with the intelligent lawyers with great judicial powers that appear of natural form to take some time.

After the removal of witnesses, the court also faces the difficult task of securing the examination of other witnesses. All original survivors accused 48 would then receive questions about the incriminating circumstances against each of them that have arisen during the trial, to present their defence. Thereafter, each defendant has the right to present evidence of defence by calling witnesses to testify on his behalf. After that, the final arguments should be addressed by the ICC prosecutor and then, for each accused.

Even if a trial subject to a conviction has passed, every accused has the right to discuss extenuating circumstances to lead to a sentence less than the prescribed maximum. Being short-circuited this process due to the time instructions of the Supreme Court would undoubtedly result in a violation of the accused’s right to a fair trial.


Cattle sale norms based on SC order of 2016

NEW DELHI: The notification from the Ministry of Environment prohibiting the sale of livestock for slaughter or slaughter in livestock markets is based on the order of the Supreme Court in July last year, when the highest court had ordered the establishment of the Rules of the 1960 Act on the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals stop cross-border animal trafficking and protect animals against cruelty.
It all began with a lawsuit filed by animal rights activists Gauri Maulekhi in 2014, drawing the attention of the SC in cattle smuggling large-scale Nepal to be sacrificed to Gadhimai. The festival is celebrated every five years in the village of Bariyarpur where more than five lakh animals died in two days, making it the largest animal slaughter in the world.
Maulekhi, Maneka Gandhi board member, People for Animals (PFA), had requested the intervention of SC so that cross-border traffic could be disrupted with the involvement of various agencies, including border guards Police State, and livestock was available to farmers at reasonable prices for agriculture.
The court then approved an order of July 13, 2015, to establish guidelines to prevent the animals eviction against India for the festival and create a committee in charge of the Director General of Sahastra Seema Bal. The group presented a list of 20 recommendations, paving the way for South Carolina for the final order of July 12 last year asking the Ministry to establish standards under section 38 of the 1960 Act.
The fact that the new rules are a long time ago told TOI Maulekhi on Tuesday that the measure could save livestock cruelty, eliminate illegal sale and smuggling and to help farmers who can now buy livestock for Agricultural purposes. Animal markets, which were “agricultural markets” became “butcher markets in recent years.” The result is that there are more animals to buy from farmers. Prices have been raised by butchers and not a farmer wants an Animal for ploughing can afford. More small farmers are bankrupt because they can not afford the mechanical means. ”
In declaring that the new rules have returned the hope of small and marginalized farmers, Maulekhi said: “The price will fall and small farmers will give them back, they recover some kind of wealth.”


Tiger Woods Sorry After Arrest, Says Alcohol Not Involved

Tiger Woods was accused of driving under the influence of the Florida police Monday to beat the former world leader in his fight to resurrect his career.
The grand champion 14 times accused his arrest of a reaction to a prescription drug mix he took, insisting on an apology to fans that alcohol was not involved in the incident.
Woods, 41, was arrested by police near his home in Jupiter, Florida, around 3 am (0700 GMT) before his release Monday after being charged with driving under the influence.
A wooden police cup that had the chattering, windless air was quickly viral, highlighting the long fall of disgrace that plagued the superstar athlete, once recognized as a clean, corporate man of peace.
“I understand the gravity of what I did and I take full responsibility for my actions,” Woods said in a statement quoted by the US media as highlighting that “alcohol was not involved.”
“What happened was an unexpected reaction to the prescribed drugs. I did not realize that blending drugs had affected me so much,” Woods said.
“I apologize with all my heart to my family, friends and fans. I was expecting more of myself.”
The TMZ.com entertainment news website had cited sources of law enforcement, saying that Woods was arrested after being discovered “driving erratically across the road.” The website said the player refused to blow into a breathalyzer.
The arrest is the latest dark episode to hit Woods, who has dominated his sport before being engulfed by the turmoil in his private life and a series of debilitating injuries.
Woods has not played competitive golf since leaving the Dubai Desert Classic in February after a trip due to back pain.
He had a spinal surgery on April 20 – his fourth operation in three years to deal with the problematic back that was limited to three tournaments in the world in the last two years.
The torment of personal life
Woods wrote on his website last week that since the last procedure, he felt better than he had done for years and remains determined to return to competitive golf.
“My surgeon and the physiotherapist say the operation was done correctly. It’s just not getting stuck and leaving the whip,” Woods said.
“I walk, I do my exercises and I take my children to school.” “All I can do is take things day by day.” “There is no hurry, but I want to say unequivocally that I want to play golf again.”
Woods made his comeback in December after missing out on the entire 2015-16 season.
But his return failed quickly when he retired from the PGA tournament in Los Angeles in February of the Honda Classic and Arnold Palmer Invitational in March.
They even canceled a scheduled press conference at the Los Angeles tournament, saying that doctors had recommended “limiting all activities.”
He left the Masters in early April, missed most of the first year on the 20th anniversary of his epic victory at Augusta National in 1997, which marked his first major title and ushered in a new era in the game.
Woods, once expected to surpass Jack Nicklaus’ record in 18 major championships, has not won the Grand Slam title since the US Open 2008 at Torrey Pines.
The injuries were not the only disruptions during his career.
In November 2009, a car accident in front of his Florida home led to revelations of a series of infidelities that destroyed his marriage. He had then to the rehabilitation after the accident, according to the case, to the sexual addiction.
Amid the tabloid headlines, Woods took a professional golf break that lasted until the 2010 Masters.
Woods likely to revise Nicklaus has 18 older ones seen remotely. He was not involved in a major ranking since the PGA Championship in 2015, when he did not pass the cut. Also missed the cut of England and the United States.