Cyclone Mora: North East India, Bangladesh brace for wind-speeds of 117 kmph; all you need to know

Mora cyclone was formed in the eastern and central Bay of Bengal and is expected to move to the northeastern part of India. According to the Indian Meteorological Department, it is expected to intensify in a “severe cyclone storm” over the next 24 hours. According to IMD, the wind speed will be in the range of 100 to 150 kilometres per hour.

The storm landed at the main port of Bangladesh’s Chittagong city at 6 am Tuesday. The Bangladesh Meteorological Department said in a special meteorological bulletin that it would pack winds of up to 117km after authorities evacuated hundreds of thousands of people in low-lying coastal villages. After the landing, the storm will dissipate, be turning into a deep depression that will cross Tripura, Mizoram, Nagaland, Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh.
According to an Accuweather report, the coastal region of Bangladesh is prone to storms and the densely populated topography has previously given eight of the ten deadliest hurricanes behind the Bay of Bengal. Ganesh Kumar Das, a scientist at the Cyclone Warning Center in the IMD area, Calcutta is quoted in the DNA, which reads: “Under current conditions, cyclone storm can become a severe cyclone storm and move closer to The coast of Bangladesh near Chittagong will not be landing in India.We will not see heavy rain in the range of 70-11 0 mm accordingly and Bengal fishermen were warned not to venture into the sea due to the squalish winds … Just after landing, the model will change and the humidity decreases as it approaches the hills. Usually, when a cyclone makes a landing, the east side of the eye of the storm is the most affected “, May 30, 2017. Precipitation in most places with heavy to very heavy rainfall in some places and torrential rains and TR Licensed strong, probably Assam and Meghalaya. Precipitation in most places
With very heavy rains in isolated locations most likely in Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh.

May 31, 2017: Precipitation in most places with heavy rains in isolated areas probably Assam and Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh.

Wind winds of up to 60 km with gusts up to 70 80 km / h will prevail in Mizoram and Tripura on 30 May. Off-speed winds of 45-55 km / h with gusts of up to 65 km / h South will prevail over Assam, Meghalaya and Manipur and along the west coast of Bengal on 30 May.

Damage to Mizoram and Tripura: IMD warns that there will be no damage in thatched huts. Minor damage to the lines of communication and feeding due to the breaking of branches. Major kutcha damages and minor damages on Pucca roads. Some damage to crops of rice, bananas, papayas and orchards.

Sea conditions would be extremely difficult and the West Bengal coast of May 30 and fishermen have been warned not to venture into the sea for the next 24 hours.

Accuweather The report said there could be significant flooding in Guwahati, Jorhat, Dibrugarh.


Shashi Tharoor defamation case: ‘Bring down the rhetoric’, Delhi HC tells Arnab Goswami

The Delhi High Court Monday issued a notice to journalist Arnab Goswami and her new news channel, the televised Republic, the motive for defaming the head of Congress Shashi Tharoor. “Take the rhetoric.You can make your story, you can activate the facts.You can not call the name.This is not called,” said the judge, Manmohan gives an opinion. The court also requested its responses by August 16, the next hearing date.
Friday, MP Lok Sabha of Thiruvananthapuram had filed a civil lawsuit against the Goswami Defamation and Television Station, Damage and Compensation of Rs 2 Rupees for making defamatory remarks against him demanding during a news broadcast on the death of his wife Sunanda Pushkar.
The lawsuit filed by supporters of Muhammad Ali Khan and Gaurav Gupta said the recordings were released sensational in order to appease the viewers and create a nonexistent controversy over the denunciation of their public life and image. “It is not out of place to say that the accused (Goswami and TV Broadcasting) reports and alleged presentations” aimed at encouraging viewers to believe that the deceased had been killed either by the applicant ( Tharoor) or as the applicant. This problem clearly has the potential to negatively affect the ongoing investigation into the death of the deceased, “the defence said.
Tharoor said Goswami had broadcast similar news stories when he was editor-in-chief of another television news channel, which was restricted by the National Authority for broadcasting standards. He also said that the police were investigating the matter and had also registered a FIR. “It is pertinent to mention that the Delhi Police made statements to several people, including him,” the lawsuit says. He also said that during the probe, the investigating authorities have not been a single indictment against the MP.


Rare surgery gives new food pipe to 8-year-old girl who accidentally drank acid

New Delhi: Neha’s parents for eight years, there was no word in a language that could express her happiness because her daughter could continue eating after more than six years.

The eight-year-old girl, who accidentally drank acid at the age of 1.5, underwent rare surgery at Vadilal Sarabhai Hospital in Ahmedabad, allowing her to lead a normal life again. According to the report, Neha could not even swallow her own saliva while consuming the acid had severely damaged her feeding tube, leaving only 1 cm intact. Since then, liquid food has been fed with an artificial tube inserted into the stomach for more than six years. Their anxious parents, who are visited daily many hospitals to find a cure for their daughters, but in vain, since doctors refused to operate their child underweight, weighing only 19 years, 5 kg.

However, the family arrived at the hospital V S Ahmedabad on the recommendation of the doctors there two months.

On May 9, the girl has been successfully exploited by a team of doctors who replaced her oesophagus.

Rare surgery called “gastric traction with oesophagal reconstruction,” which lasted five hours involved creating an 8-inch long incision of your abdomen for the neck to create a new step for food.

“We took part of his small intestine and replaced the oesophagus, creating a new link between the mouth and the stomach,” said Dr Hasmukh Vora, associate professor (surgical gastroenterology) at VS Hospital.

He added that it was difficult to operate on children who are underweight for several reasons.

Neha, who is from the Mau district of Uttar Pradesh, has been allowed to eat solid food since May 15 and is expected to be released on Thursday.


Passengers on Tejas Express smash LCD screens, soil toilets: We clearly don’t understand civic duties

That’s more or less what happened when Mumbai-Goa Texas Express – the first semi-luxury high-speed train in India – returned to Mumbai after completing its first trip.

The train – which covers 630 kilometres in less than nine hours and has modern equipment on board, such as LCD TVs, Wi-Fi, CCTV, coffee and tea vending machines, organic toilets and non-contact water taps – arrived Tuesday in Mumbai complete disaster.

Some train passengers crushed LCDs stole their headphones and stained toilets, they reported. There was also a lot of garbage on the train that the railway’s authorities were surprised to appeal to the passengers to try Texas express worse if they would own it.

One passenger said that some people were trying to remove the LCD screen, pulling their hinges, while others have not pulled the chain after using it, so the toilet began to spit out an hour later the journey begins.

As for stolen headphones, Mumbai Espejo quoted another official as saying: “The headphones were delivered just after the start of the trip. There was no announcement to return the headphones because we expected that passengers will not prevail, as they do not retain pillows and blankets. ”

This raises a question as to whether we really deserve high-quality facilities, such as those provided by Texas Express. After all, if the facilities are to be stolen anyway and vandals, the government should provide quality services and spend the money saved on food, education or employment.


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