All stakeholders must target the ‘new normal’ of political morality: Election Commissioner Rawat

All stakeholders must target the ‘new normal’ of political morality: Election Commissioner Rawat

The narrative that places the maximum bonus to win at all costs, in which lawmakers poacher hailed as a smart management policy, use of money for the indirect and difficult use of state mechanisms of intimidation were praised as débrouillardisme, Must be the object of the exemplary performance of all interested parties, said OP Rawat Election Commissioner.

Mr. Rawat’s remarks came a few days after Congress accused the BJP in the Center and in Gujarat of using agencies for intimidation and money to win their deputies before the Rajya Sabha elections in the state.

“The winner can not commit any sin: A custodian who crosses the field of government is cleared of all guilt, as well as possible crime, etc.”

It is this “new normality” of political morality that must be the object of exemplary action on the part of all political parties, politicians, the media, civil society organizations, constitutional authorities and all those who have confidence. Democracy for a better Election, a better future, “Rawat said.

The Commissioner of Elections made these statements in the “Regional Consultation on Electoral and Political Reforms – North Region” organized by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR).

In sharing the measures taken by the Electoral Commission to ensure free and fair elections, M. Rawat says that the electoral body has proposed to amend the relevant legislation to allow the presentation of the election in the alleged practice Corrupted also by a defeated candidate.

“The consequence is that if the Supreme Court has a person elected or not, guilty of a corrupt practice, there could be an additional disqualification of the person for a maximum of six years.”

The large influx of special interest groups to the electoral process would weaken democratic governance and lead to “policy capture” for a powerful but powerful group.

The introduction of electoral ties by the central government could be a step backwards in terms of transparency, he said.

Certain changes in the Income Tax Act, the People’s Representation Act and the Companies Act ensure that all donations received by a political party through an electoral link were removed as part of the contribution report.

“In addition, when contributions received through electoral ties are not declared, a reading of reports of contributions from political parties did not specify whether the party in question had donations in violation of section 29B of the Law on Representation of Persons, which prohibits The political parties receive donations from government companies and from foreign sources, “he warned.

The Commission also expressed concern that the abolition of the relevant provisions of the Companies Act (removal of the maximum limit of 7.5% of income from political donations) could lead to money laundering through the creation of fund companies. Funds for donations to the parties.


14 dead in twin attacks as Spanish police launch manhunt

14 dead in twin attacks as Spanish police launch manhunt

BARCELONA: Spanish police hunted Friday for the driver who crashed a truck into a crowd of pedestrians on a busy avenue in Barcelona, ​​hours before a second such attack in a nearby complex in the two attacks that have left 14 dead and More than 100 injured.

Police said they killed five suspected “terrorists” during the night and the other three were arrested, while Spain mounted the double tragedy in Barcelona and Cambrils, about 120 kilometers (75 miles) south.

But the driver responsible for the carnage in Spain’s second largest city remained free, warned authorities, while police said they believed the two attacks were linked.

At a decisive moment, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, King Felipe VI and the president of Catalonia, where the two places are, had a moment of silence in Barcelona, ​​followed by applause and shouts of “no fear”.

Both attacks followed the same mode of operation, drivers who deliberately targeted pedestrians with their vehicles, hitting them on the ground or sending them flying in the last attack in Europe, where cars and vans were used as weapons of terror before.

Javier Zaragoza, prosecutor advised the Attorney General against terrorism, told AFP that the attacks were probably the work of a “cell” organized.
Otso Iho of Jane Terrorism and Insurgency Center says that it appears to be “a much higher level of coordination than was typically present in earlier attacks.”

At a further turning point, police say an explosion in a house in another part of Catalonia Wednesday night could be linked to the attacks, in the belief that people “were preparing an explosive device.”

While world leaders have come together to condemn violence, the Islamic group’s propaganda agency QAMA said that one of its “soldiers” ramps carried out in Barcelona.

In the incident in Barcelona, ​​a white van accelerated the popular Ramblas full of tourists Thursday afternoon, beat and kill 13 people in a scene of chaos and horror.

The driver left the vehicle on the bustling boulevard full of shops and restaurants, and fled on foot.

Witnesses described how the van pushed the crowd, leaving bodies scattered along the boulevard, while others have fled their lives, screaming from panic scenes of chaos and confusion.

“We were on the city tour bus, we were 20 feet from the accident when it happened. We heard the truck and the impact with the people, so we saw people running,” said Alex Luque, a 19-year-old student from New York.

“We separated from my grandparents and had to take my younger sister to try to find security,” he said Friday, adding that he had been reunited with his family.

Thus, eight hours later, the attackers struck again in the early hours of Friday morning, this time in the coastal town of Cambrils, where an Audi A3 car collided with pedestrians, wounding six civilians and a policeman. One of the civilians died later.


Delhi’s five star hotel security manager arrested for molesting woman executive granted bail

Delhi’s five star hotel security manager arrested for molesting woman executive granted bail

The security official of a five-star hotel who was arrested in Delhi for allegedly contravening a 33-year-old woman received a bail Friday, ANI reported

The arrest in the woman’s July 30 complaint came when the CCTV footage of the alleged incident was broadcast by television stations where the accused was allegedly tempted to pull the woman’s sari.
Dependra Pathak, chief spokesman for the Delhi police, said the accused had been examined and the woman’s statement was taken after she addressed the police with a complaint.

“At first glance, the guilt on the part of the accused was found and he was arrested on Friday. Additional investigations were undertaken,” said Pathak, Special Police Commissioner (Operations).

Representative image. Image AFPresentation. AFP
The woman claimed that the man had urged her to have physical relations with him and she resisted his advances.

On July 29, he called her for a birthday party in her room, offered to get her gifts and then tried to undress her, she alleged.

The woman told the police that she was complaining to the HR of the hotel but was fired.

Once the complaint was filed, the police questioned both parties and following an investigation, the accused was arrested on Friday, the officer said.

“Once the woman filed a complaint, a case was recorded and the evidence she gave was verified. She also submitted video surveillance measures that were submitted for verification,” said Mr Pathak .

The accused said some things to counter what the woman said and they were also examined.

Another officer who was aware of the investigation stated that the accused claimed that the woman had a boyfriend in the workplace and was violent towards her. Their conduct was inappropriate, according to the accused.

The accused said that one of the cameras installed at the hotel had captured his boyfriend’s assault, after which he was fired, the officer said.

The woman wanted her boyfriend to be hired and that day she came to the security director’s room to plead for the work of her boyfriend, the accused told the police.

He alleged that the CCTV film was concocted and processed.

However, the police have arrested the accused since it was found that the accused had touched his sari and his conduct was inappropriate ….


Why Japan lent support to India against China over Doklam standoff

Why Japan lent support to India against China over Doklam standoff

China seems to lose diplomatic “war” over Doklam. Japan has become the third influential country in the world to support India’s position on Doklam Standoff. In fact, Japan has spread the ambiguity that the United States and the United Kingdom have shown in supporting India.

Japan’s support for India came a month after leading a Chinese newspaper, the Global Times warned New Delhi against the bank in Tokyo in case of conflict over the Doklam issue.
And, here, Japan offers unconditional support to India against aggressive Chinese persistence in Doklam. “India should not have the support of the United States and Japan because their support is illusory,” said a Golbal Times editorial, which is controlled daily by the Chinese government.

Speaking at India’s Conclave in June, Defense Minister Arun Jaitley said: “India in 2017 is different from India in 1962.” The statement came in the context of Chinese rhetoric about the Doklam impasse that India must learn from the military debacle of 1962 when the two countries fought a war.

China had only taken the statement of the Minister of Defense for Indian military power, but ignored India’s diplomatic prowess.

Although most European countries are in “wait and see” mode in the Doklam impasse, support seems to be increasing for India. While the United States and the United Kingdom supported India’s position to resolve the problem through dialogue, while China called for talks with the early withdrawal of Indian troops from Doklam.

A US congressman said earlier this month that China has taken some provocative measures that have grown into the current setback on the shelf. The United Kingdom has explicitly stated that Doklam is a bilateral problem between India and China and that dialogue must be resolved.

This is exactly what Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj told Parliament during a statement on Doklam Standoff.
But the Japanese movement seems to have taken China by surprise. Beijing criticized Japan saying that Tokyo did not have the facts of Doklam.

But Japan’s support of India over Doklam’s opposition comes as no surprise. In fact, it was Japan in January 2014 who asked India to forge a team to thwart Chinese expansionist movements in the East China Sea as well as the Himalayas.

Japan’s call for a united opposition to Chinese movements came in the context of a unilateral Beijing move to change the status quo in the East China Sea where it had imposed the Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

Japanese Minister of Defense, Itsunori Onodera, said: “Japan and India should call for dialogue with Chinese countries and tell China not to change the status quo by force.” Through international dialogue and surveillance


Decision is closer on strategy for Afghanistan: Mattis

Decision is closer on strategy for Afghanistan: Mattis

WASHINGTON: After months of heated internal debate, the Trump administration has almost made a decision on a new approach to fight the 16-year-old war in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Thursday. He gave no hint of what strategy would look like.

In remarks by the State Department, Mattis told reporters that President Donald Trump would hold talks with his national security team Friday at the presidential retreat of Camp David in Maryland, and said the talks “will move to a decision”.

“We are coming very close to a decision, and I anticipate it in the very near future,” he added.

A few months ago, the Pentagon had a plan to send about 3,800 additional troops to reinforce the Afghan army, which is stalled in what some call a stalemate impasse with the Taliban insurgency.

Some in the White House have questioned the wisdom of investing more resources in war, which is the longest in American history.

The administration said its strategy in Afghanistan would be informed by a review of its approach to the wider region, including Pakistan and India. The Taliban have long used Pakistan as a sanctuary, complicating efforts to defeat the insurgency in Afghanistan and stabilize the country.

The prospects in Afghanistan are obscured by the government’s struggle to end the Taliban’s progress. In its most recent report, the US Inspector General for the Reconstruction of Afghanistan said the Taliban is swinging in about half of the country.

Government forces are also fighting a subsidiary of the Islamic state that has widened mainly in eastern Afghanistan.

Trump has promised to crush IS, so the affiliate in Afghanistan poses an additional challenge without immediate solution. Just this week, an American soldier was killed and nearly a dozen were injured in combat with the IS affiliate.

The United States has about 8,400 soldiers in Afghanistan. Their main role is to train and advise Afghan forces, to hunt and kill members of al-Qaeda and other extremist groups.

Trump expressed his frustration at the protracted fighting in Afghanistan. Earlier this summer, he raised the idea of dismissing the first American commander there, General John Nicholson. On July 18, he said, “I want to know why we have been there for 17 years.”

Asked on Monday if Trump has confidence in Nicholson, Mattis has denied.
“Ask the president,” Mattis said. “I will tell you right away, he is our commander on the ground, he has the confidence of NATO, he has the confidence of Afghanistan, he has the confidence of the United States.”

Trump “looks at all aspects” of US involvement in Afghanistan “as it should in his responsibilities as commander-in-chief,” said Mattis.

Legislators in Congress are also frustrated by the war and the protracted debate within the administration on how to break the deadlock. Last week, the Republican senator

John McCain said that “America is adrift in Afghanistan”. He proposed a war strategy that would broaden the US counter-terrorism effort and provide increased support to the Afghan security forces.




A deadly attack on a tourist attraction in Barcelona Thursday caused rapid fire Tweets President Donald Trump, providing a critical test of the apparent support of the right anti-Muslim White House alternative.

A van that plunged into Barcelona’s Las Ramblas business district has killed at least a dozen people and wounded dozens more.

An Islamic State publication, QAMA News, quickly claimed the attack and said it was committed in retaliation against US coalition attacks on the armed group.

Trump quickly condemned the attack on Twitter: “The United States condemns the terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain,” he writes, and will do whatever it takes to help. Be strong and strong, we love you! ”

Minutes later, the president continued: “Study what General Pershing did from the United States to the terrorists when they were taken in. There was no more radical Islamic terrorism for 35 years!
The tweet referred to rumors about United States General John Pershing who fired Filipino Muslim insults with balls soaked in pig blood in the 19th century. The stories have been widely discredited by historians.

The Washington Examiner right, an hour later, reported that the Trump tweeter “resuscitates” Pershing in a possible sign of greater scrutiny by US conservatives against the Trump administration.

American Muslims have quickly found an inconsistency in the handling of Trump Barcelona and the confrontation between white nationalists and their opponents in Charlottesville, Va., Who saw a Protestant antif died when a car plunged into a crowd.

“Obviously we condemn the attack in Barcelona, but we took minutes for Trump’s false information about General Pershing when he said he needed two days to do the facts about Charlottesville.

He just has to write a fake acquaintance just minutes from Barcelona, “said Corey Saylor, a spokesman for the Commission on the American-Islamic Relations advocacy group.


Trump condemned the murder of an anti-Protestant two days after his death. Facing criticism from the press for his refusal to reject racism and KKK, Trump said he needed time to gather data about what happened.

American Muslims and otherwise – get tired of Washington’s inaction over Trump’s divine comments, Saylor said. “Trump goes from crisis to crisis. Every time you think” that’s all “and DC will wake up, and it does not happen.

Unfortunately, I think we will continue to see that this administration basically turns Americans against each other. You will see Americans across this nation who think Trump is not their president looking for ways to resist. “


Babri Masjid case has the potential to be a model for future criminal trials in India, but will it achieve it?

Hearing the challenge of the IWC passed a judgment of the Superior Court of Allahabad confirming the charges of conspiracy against LK Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Uma Bharti and others in the demolition of the Babri mosque case, a court division of the Supreme Court ordered the Court Special in Lucknow solved the procedure to complete the process and will dictate sentence in a period of two years.

The Supreme Court, passing this direction was aware of an order dated December 8, 2011, previously adopted by the High Court of Allahabad, who runs the daily trial before the special judge Raebareli grab case. He noted that “this has been followed in the gap, as less than a hundred witnesses have been examined.” It seems that a person who is not familiar with the legal system of India that two years is sufficient to conclude a trial carried out on hold, to date, more than 20 years. However, evidence in evidence indicates the opposite: Uttar Pradesh has about 2,513 pending cases per judge and a total of 631 290 pending cases for more than 10 years and is always known to have a case of the high rate of elimination!

To discourage deferral, the Supreme Court also ordered the IWC to ensure that the trial was not adjourned due to the absence of witnesses and also ordered the Raebareli trial and Lucknow will remain merged and today follow the view. These instructions do not suppress the inalienable rights of a defendant prior to a trial to cross-examine witnesses as to their examination in court and to remind witnesses rather than counter-examine. Such a retreat of witnesses already examined by the newly added accused with the intelligent lawyers with great judicial powers that appear of natural form to take some time.

After the removal of witnesses, the court also faces the difficult task of securing the examination of other witnesses. All original survivors accused 48 would then receive questions about the incriminating circumstances against each of them that have arisen during the trial, to present their defence. Thereafter, each defendant has the right to present evidence of defence by calling witnesses to testify on his behalf. After that, the final arguments should be addressed by the ICC prosecutor and then, for each accused.

Even if a trial subject to a conviction has passed, every accused has the right to discuss extenuating circumstances to lead to a sentence less than the prescribed maximum. Being short-circuited this process due to the time instructions of the Supreme Court would undoubtedly result in a violation of the accused’s right to a fair trial.


Amish Tripathi’s Sita, Warrior of Mithila: Here’s all you need to know

It may be difficult to repeat an impressive success, but not if Amish Tripathi is. After its sales success, the Scion of Ikshvaku (2015), the first book in the Rama Chandra Amish series, which with its Shiva trilogy, has sold more than 3.5 million copies, comes the second long awaited book, Sita: Warrior of Mithila.

Sita is a fierce warrior
Far from being an Amish timid princess is a warrior trained in combat and Sita war. For a long time it has been seen in the popular culture as adarsh ​​Bhartiya NAARI ” – dedicated, obedient and silent. Amish, based on the Ramayana and Adbhut Gond Ramayani, present a more rounded, strong and proactive character in its interpretation. He traced his life trajectory by exploring the kind of mental strength and agility he had to take to meet the challenges he faces. “What kind of strength you must have for an adopted child becomes a warrior, a prime minister and a goddess, as we remember today.” Amish said HT in an earlier interview. The cover of the book, published earlier this month, describes Sita as a fierce and well-built fighter, not afraid to take a group of men with only a lithi in hand.

It is not a sequel
While the first book tells the story of the birth and infancy of Rama with the kidnapping of Sita, the second does not start from where it has been introduced. Instead, Sita: Warrior Mithila recounts the origins of King Janak’s adoptive daughter and the cross of an orphan to the skilled warrior who becomes the prime minister of his father’s kingdom. Amish talked about the multi-linear narrative technique she used in these books in previous interviews. The third book is told from the birth of Ravana in the kidnapping of Sita; Then history converges into a common narrative in later books. The book is not Sita’s point of view
If coverage is something to do, Sita is clearly the hero here. Amish has repeatedly stressed that her second book of Ramayana is not the Sita’s viewpoint. “It’s rather the story of Sita, Ram, who appears as a character in the latter part of the book,” he said.
With his trilogy of Shiva Amish he returned a beloved God into a pop culture icon. Amish Forum Sita will be the new feminist icon for a new generation? We’ll know soon enough.


Philippine forces make gains in southern city under siege

Philippine forces now control most of the southern city where militants linked to the Islamist group have launched a bloody siege there for almost a week, authorities said Monday.

Only small areas of Marawi are under the control of militants after six days of fighting, the brigadier said. General Restituto Padilla, the military spokesman. In recent days, the attackers managed to repel attack helicopters, armored vehicles and dozens of soldiers.

About 100 people were killed in the violence, including civilians, although authorities were still trying to assess the extent of the bloodshed.

“We can control who enters and leaves, moves and does not, and we try to isolate these remaining foci of resistance,” said General Padilla.

Philippine National Police chief Ronald de la Rosa said the operation takes time because Marawi is urban, allowing armed men to move quickly from one building to another to escape the capture.

“I can not give operational details, but I’m sure they are also human, they get tired,” he said.

The Marawi crisis, which has about 200,000 people, raised fears that extremism is growing in the southern Philippines as smaller militant groups unite and harmonize with the Islamic State group.

On Sunday, Filipino forces said they found the bodies in the streets, at least eight civilians were executed by militants.

The violence prompted President Rodrigo Duterte last week to declare 60-day martial law in the southern Philippines, where a Muslim separatist rebellion has been waging for decades.

General Padilla said Sunday that the bodies of four men, three women and a boy were found near a road near Mindanao State University in Marawi.

Eight other men were shot and thrown into a shallow ravine early Sunday morning in the village of Emi Marawi, police officer Jamail Mangadang said. A paper sign attached to one of the men said the victims had “betrayed their faith,” he said, identifying men as civilians.

Marawi is a predominantly Muslim city.

In addition to the deaths of civilians, General Padilla said that 61 militants, 11 soldiers and four policemen were among the dead.

Violence erupted last Tuesday as the government launched an operation to capture Isnilon Hapilon, who is on the list of Washington’s most wanted terrorists. But the operation was rampant and militant rampaging in the city, burning buildings and fighting against government forces in the streets.

A priest and several faithful were taken hostage. There was no information about his condition.

All groups are guided by the Islamic State group. Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana told reporters that Hapilon had received funding from the Islamic State group.

Washington has offered a $ 5 million reward for information leading to the capture of Hapilon.


Rare surgery gives new food pipe to 8-year-old girl who accidentally drank acid

New Delhi: Neha’s parents for eight years, there was no word in a language that could express her happiness because her daughter could continue eating after more than six years.

The eight-year-old girl, who accidentally drank acid at the age of 1.5, underwent rare surgery at Vadilal Sarabhai Hospital in Ahmedabad, allowing her to lead a normal life again. According to the report, Neha could not even swallow her own saliva while consuming the acid had severely damaged her feeding tube, leaving only 1 cm intact. Since then, liquid food has been fed with an artificial tube inserted into the stomach for more than six years. Their anxious parents, who are visited daily many hospitals to find a cure for their daughters, but in vain, since doctors refused to operate their child underweight, weighing only 19 years, 5 kg.

However, the family arrived at the hospital V S Ahmedabad on the recommendation of the doctors there two months.

On May 9, the girl has been successfully exploited by a team of doctors who replaced her oesophagus.

Rare surgery called “gastric traction with oesophagal reconstruction,” which lasted five hours involved creating an 8-inch long incision of your abdomen for the neck to create a new step for food.

“We took part of his small intestine and replaced the oesophagus, creating a new link between the mouth and the stomach,” said Dr Hasmukh Vora, associate professor (surgical gastroenterology) at VS Hospital.

He added that it was difficult to operate on children who are underweight for several reasons.

Neha, who is from the Mau district of Uttar Pradesh, has been allowed to eat solid food since May 15 and is expected to be released on Thursday.