Centre likely to review rules on sale of cattle for slaughter

NEW DELHI: The Center is likely to review recently notified rules prohibiting the sale of cattle for slaughter in animal markets to ensure that provisions are focused on preventing animal cruelty rather than limiting food choice And force farmers to meet the onerous requirements.
It is expected that the government should reconsider provisions that farmers are required to declare an animal they sell at a market or a fair is not intended to slaughter because it may hit sales and could also open new avenues for corruption and harassment by The local authorities.
The consultations took place in the government after the opposition parties and some state governments have criticized the restrictions on the sale of cattle for the massacre announced by the Ministry of Environment last Friday. It was considered that the rules are motivated excessively in writing presented in the SC to restrict the cattle trade.
Brakes in interstate cattle transport – already a risky business, because of Vigilantism cows – would damage the interests of farmers who provide other United animals. Haryana and Punjab cows are required in other parts of the country for their superior milk production and disruption of this trade is a problem for all states, including those with BJP governments.
“The rules should reflect a balance.The aim is to curb cruelty to animals and illegal logging and not to curb or prohibit eating habits.” People’s feelings are important, but they put too much power in the hands of local authorities is a Problem, “said the former minister. While most states do not allow the sale of meat, sale and consumption of buffalo meat or “buff” are allowed.
With West Bengal and Kerala protesting against the new rules as discriminatory and against the federal spirit, the issue is considered as intended to cover the circumscription of “cow protection,” BJP. However, the consequences for farmers appear to have been fully provided. Activists, however, have argued that livestock fairs are misused openly by the bovine mafia to obtain animals for slaughter. “Some issues have been raised by some state governments and other trade organizations,” said Venkaiah Naidu, Minister of Information and Broadcasting.
The Ministry of the Environment, which had notified the standards last week, received 13 representations initially, but the number has increased. The decision was rejected by meat exporters who said the measure could affect the meat and leather trade business. The rules prohibit animal markets less than 25 km from a state border and less than 50 km from an international border.
Meanwhile, officials from the Ministry of Environment reported receiving several representations regarding the ban on the sale and purchase of livestock for the massacre and the study. Several organizations have called on the government “ill-advised”, saying that it will expand “terrorism” by vacheurs.

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