Delhi’s five star hotel security manager arrested for molesting woman executive granted bail

Delhi’s five star hotel security manager arrested for molesting woman executive granted bail

The security official of a five-star hotel who was arrested in Delhi for allegedly contravening a 33-year-old woman received a bail Friday, ANI reported

The arrest in the woman’s July 30 complaint came when the CCTV footage of the alleged incident was broadcast by television stations where the accused was allegedly tempted to pull the woman’s sari.
Dependra Pathak, chief spokesman for the Delhi police, said the accused had been examined and the woman’s statement was taken after she addressed the police with a complaint.

“At first glance, the guilt on the part of the accused was found and he was arrested on Friday. Additional investigations were undertaken,” said Pathak, Special Police Commissioner (Operations).

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The woman claimed that the man had urged her to have physical relations with him and she resisted his advances.

On July 29, he called her for a birthday party in her room, offered to get her gifts and then tried to undress her, she alleged.

The woman told the police that she was complaining to the HR of the hotel but was fired.

Once the complaint was filed, the police questioned both parties and following an investigation, the accused was arrested on Friday, the officer said.

“Once the woman filed a complaint, a case was recorded and the evidence she gave was verified. She also submitted video surveillance measures that were submitted for verification,” said Mr Pathak .

The accused said some things to counter what the woman said and they were also examined.

Another officer who was aware of the investigation stated that the accused claimed that the woman had a boyfriend in the workplace and was violent towards her. Their conduct was inappropriate, according to the accused.

The accused said that one of the cameras installed at the hotel had captured his boyfriend’s assault, after which he was fired, the officer said.

The woman wanted her boyfriend to be hired and that day she came to the security director’s room to plead for the work of her boyfriend, the accused told the police.

He alleged that the CCTV film was concocted and processed.

However, the police have arrested the accused since it was found that the accused had touched his sari and his conduct was inappropriate ….

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