Gorakhpur hospital tragedy: What killed those 70 children?

Gorakhpur hospital tragedy: What killed those 70 children?

In Basti’s background NH-28 from Lucknow to Gorakhpur district hospital has an intensive care unit with 10 beds (UCI) supposedly reserved for patients with encephalitis, acute inflammation of the brain Often is the effect of a mosquito-borne disease .

On August 13, at eight o’clock in the morning, there were six beds occupying beds. The hospital staff was asleep on the floor. Ram Prakash, the supervising physician, said that the ICU only had one ventilator and that it did not work either. “All patients with critical encephalitis,” said Dr. Prakash, “are referred to the BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur.”

The hospital has been in the headlines due to the death of more than 70 children under its gaze since August 7. The government of Uttar Pradesh, resistant to criticism in the media, suspended a school principal and returned to the head of the hospital’s pediatric department.

Further to the Sahjanwa, in the Gorakhpur district, a community health center (CHC) was adjusted in 2015 from the six-bed encephalitis treatment center. At 11 am on August 13, there were no patients in the center.

The leaves here are saffron, in case they were in doubt that the holiday is in government. In the last week, there were no cases of encephalitis in CHC. In Gorakhpur, however, the 100-bed ICU hospital at BRD Medical College is full of patients suffering from encephalitis.

Many beds are used for more than one patient. The hospital is the only tertiary public hospital in the region and serves 400,000 outpatients and about 40,000 hospitalized patients each year. Hundreds of children die every year in the hospital, many with encephalitis.

Overcrowding and poor or poorly maintained facilities are at fault. In fact, many children died in the last week because the hospital did not pay a provider, which resulted in a lack of oxygen in the ITU.

The hospital denies reports. Although much of the information emerging from the hospital and state government is confusing, it could be that the only encephalitis is not the reason why many children are being dying

Hospital figures suggest that only 20% of the 30 children who died within 24 hours, between 10 and 11 August, had encephalitis. Their figures also show that as of July 931 of the 2,386 newborns admitted this year to the neonatal ICU, he died.
Yogi Adityanath, the UP Prime Minister, appointed a committee chaired by Secretary of State Rajiv Kumar to investigate the killings. A preliminary investigation found that the hospital squeak infrastructure and gruesome management are at least partially responsible.

In anonymity petition, a committee member said that ICU physicians are sent by the college while support staff, such as nurses and pharmacists, are appointed by the health department, resulting in a lack of coordination. Ashutosh Tandon, Minister of Technical and Medical Education of the State, “sought a report” from his ministry on the appalling lack of facilities in the hospital.

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