India should become a defence manufacturing hub to bolster military preparedness: Jaitley

New Delhi: India’s military training, which must be fully compatible with the indigenous production of weapon systems and platforms through healthy competition between the public and private sectors, is the best way to deter peace in the region .
“No country can win wars indefinitely and battles are just about buying or importing external equipment. Its security preparation would not be complete if it only depends on it,” said Defense Minister Arun Jaitley Tuesday.
Speaking at a PSU Defense Award role in the context where the government has recently developed the Strategic Partnership Policy (SP) to expand the role of India’s private sector in defense production, Jaitley emphasized the need Of India to “unleash their own potential” to become a weapons manufacturing center.
As part of SP policy, some private sector Indian companies will partner with global defense companies to jointly produce combat aircraft, helicopters, submarines and armored vehicles as tanks under the “do in India” framework. Mobile performance by DRDO and its 50 laboratories, five PSU defense, four shipyards and 41 artillery factories, and the inability to attract the private sector to jump in defense production in a major way means that India Continues to import about 65% of its military hardware and software. “The safety requirements are dictated by the type of neighborhood you have and of course, taking into account the particular situation in this case from a geopolitical point of view, our preparation is the best way to deter and it is certainly a guarantee For peace because our region is concerned, “Jaitley said. In reference to SP policy, the minister said: “A healthy competition between PSU defense and the private sector will definitely bring out the best potentia L. Competition is always the best guarantee for competition, efficiency for price control. Offers various opportunities and options. ”
Turning to the economy, Jaitley said he posted impressive growth in the past three years. “After completing seven decades after independence, we now have three consecutive years of having made the world’s fastest economy gap between major economies. We aspire to move from a developing economy to a developed economy,” he said.

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