‘Isn’t this our country?’ Why Indian Muslims feel shaken and ‘harassed’

Anam Nisha is a freshman in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Rohilkhand Bareilly University. The daughter of a mechanic, her parents fought hostile parents uncomfortable sending a daughter to college and decided to educate. She will become the first engineer in her family.

Nisha has made friends with her classmates, most Hindus. But something changed in the elections from 2017 to UP.

“I have not felt this way before, but in this choice among our friends, that feeling of being Hindu and Muslim sharp.” In discussions, our friends made us feel we were different. She said the BJP had created this “division”.

Mohammed Tanweer, a senior in Gorakhpur, nods. “When the MP came and said kabristan and Shamshanghat, we feel uncomfortable looking at the issues that arise daily. This sometimes makes us wonder – do we have the wrong name?

Without generalization about a large and diverse community that India Muslims can not be completely accurate. However, during the gathering of dozens of young Muslims in the western UP of the most limited form in Bihar, it became clear that Nisha and Tanweer are no exceptions. The Muslims are agitated, disturbed and worried. Firoz Ahmad is an Adjunct Professor on the campus of Aligarh Muslim University in Kishanganj, Bihar of Seemanchal. “Muslims began to avoid public meetings because everything they say can be misunderstood. In social networks, when something is said, it is immediately marked against the national, terrorist and, of course, Pakistanis,” he said. A survey conducted by the Center for the Study of Reputable Companies in the Developing States in four states – Gujarat, Haryana, Odisha and Karnataka – gives an idea of the mentality that led to these labels. Only 13% of Hindus regard Muslims as “highly patriotic” even though 77% of Muslims consider it “highly patriotic”.

When asked what, in particular, disturbed, Firoz Ahmad said: “Look at the campaigns of hatred. When they say love, jihad, increase the triple Talaq, talk about Gau Raksha, go to Ghar Wapsi, who to turn to “There is a common pattern. They want to start new discussions with Muslims as a target group.”

Then clarify. “This is not the PM.It is by Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas.These are those who act on their behalf.These should be punished.”

Shadab Khan does an MBA on campus.

“If I say that I love Barcelona, I am a nationalist, but if I say that I like Pakistan player Shahid Afridi, I become an anti-national. Conversation in social networks “.

In the age groups and regions, most Muslims have blamed the BJP and Sangh Parivar, but they were also critical of the media.

Back in Bareilly, Heeba Roshan, a sophomore chemistry student, said, laughing: “There would have been a lot more peace and less insecurity if we stopped TV news.”

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