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Tissue distribution comparison between healthy and fatty liver rats after oral administration of hawthorn leaf extract.

Yin, Jingjing; Qu, Jianguo; Zhang, Wenjie; Lu, Dongrui; Gao, Yucong; Ying, Xixiang; Kang, Tingguo


Hawthorn leaves, a well-known traditional Chinese medicine, have been widely used for treating cardiovascular and fatty liver diseases. The present study aimed to investigate the therapeutic basis treating fatty liver disease by comparing the tissue distribution of six compounds of hawthorn leaf extract (HLE) in fatty liver rats and healthy rats after oral administration at first day, half month and one month, separately. Therefore, a sensitive and specific HPLC method with internal standard was developed and validated to determine chlorogenic acid, vitexin-4''-O-glucoside, vitexin-2''-O-rhamnoside, vitexin, rutin and hyperoside in the tissues including heart, liver , spleen, kidney, stomach and intestine. The results indicated that the six compounds in HLE presented some bioactivity in treating rat fatty liver as the concentrations of the six compounds varied significantly in inter- and intragroup comparisons (healthy and/or fatty liver group). Copyright © 2013 John Wiley Sons, Ltd.

Age-dependent changes of the antioxidant system in rat livers are accompanied by altered MAPK activation and a decline in motor signaling

Yang, Wei; Burkhardt, Britta; Fischer, Luise; Beirow, Maja; Bork, Nadja; Wönne, Eva C.; Wagner, Cornelia; Husen, Bettina; Zeilinger, Katrin; Liu, Liegang; Nussler, Andreas K.

Aging is characterized by a progressive decrease of cellular functions, because cells gradually lose their capacity to respond to injury. Increased oxidative stress is considered to be one of the major contributors to age-related changes in all organs including the liver . Our study has focused on elucidating whether important antioxidative enzymes, the mTOR pathway, and MAPKs exhibit age-dependent changes in the liver of rats during aging. We found an age-dependent increase of GSH in the cytosol and mitochondria. The aged liver showed an increased SOD enzyme activity, while the CAT enzyme activity decreased. HO-1 and NOS-2 gene expression was lower in adult rats , but up-regulated in aged rats . Western blot analysis revealed that SOD1, SOD2, GPx, GR, γ-GCL, and GSS were age-dependent up-regulated, while CAT remained constant. We also demonstrated that the phosphorylation of Akt, JNK, p38, and TSC2Ser1254 decreased while ERK1/2 and TSC2Thr1462 increased age-dependently. Furthermore, our data show that the mTOR pathway seems to be activated in livers of aged rats , and hence stimulating cell proliferation/ regeneration , as confirmed by an age-dependent increase of PCNA and p-eIF4ESer209 protein expression. Our data may help to explain the fact that liver cells only proliferate in cases of necessity, like injury and damage. In summary, we have demonstrated that, age-dependent changes of the antioxidant system and stress-related signaling pathways occur in the livers of rats , which may help to better understand organ aging. PMID:27004051

The bisection of Adam links the Biblical account to an incident in Plato's Symposium, in which Aristophanes describes the origin of the sexes. According to Aristophanes, primeval men were bisexual and exceedingly strong. After Zeus cut them in half and Apollo healed their wounds, the two halves came together in mutual embraces. Both stories are modified versions about a primitive bisexual being that was bisected by a deity—an ancient Oriental legend that was also known in Mesopotamia, Persia and India. It is, of course, a more egalitarian version than the Creation of Eve from one of Adam's ribs. Aristophanes actually recognized three sexes: male, female and bisexual, to account for homosexuality.

Yet, the ancient Greeks were anything but egalitarian. Galen, the Greek physician of the second century AD, summed up their views as follows: “Now just as mankind is the most perfect of all animals, so within mankind the man is more perfect than the woman, and the reason for the perfection is his excess of heat, for heat is Nature's primary instrument. Hence in those animals that have less of it, her workmanship is necessarily more imperfect, and so it is no wonder that the female is less perfect than the male, by as much as she is colder than he” [ 2 ]. The idea that males are hotter than females is attributed to the Greek philosopher Empedocles ( circa 490–430 BC). Aristotle thought that males had an abundance of the superior element, fire, whereas females have an abundance of water.

The assumed superiority of the male over the female is matched by the similarly assumed superiority of the right over the left side. The pairs, right and left, male and female, light and darkness are part of the Pythagorean Table of Opposites. Although it is not known which of the Pythagoreans held these views, it is certain that the arrangement of right, male and light on the good side, and of left, female and darkness on the bad side, was in line with the thinking of the earliest Greek writers; the symbolic significance of laterality is not confined to the Ancient Greeks, as is amply illustrated by the meanings of the English words ‘right’ and ‘righteous’, compared with ‘left’ and ‘sinister’.

The combination of right/left with male/female gave rise to the first theory of sex determination. The Greek philosopher Parmenides thought that the embryo's position in the womb determined its sex: those on the right side develop into males, and those on the left into females. According to Anaxagoras, the decision depended on the father's semen: that from the right testis developing into a male child, and from the left testis into a female.

Science Society Series on Sex and Science

Sex is the greatest invention of all time: not only has sexual reproduction facilitated the evolution of higher life forms, it has had a profound influence on human history, culture and society. This series explores our attempts to understand the influence of sex in the natural world, and the biological, medical and cultural aspects of sexual reproduction, gender and sexual pleasure.

During the course of millennia, the left/right theory of sex determination was used as a basis for sex prediction and selection, both for domestic animals and in humans. Diane von Furstenberg PeepToe Ankle Boots Visa Payment Sale Online Largest Supplier Online 100% Guaranteed Sale Online QBKux1l8Rl
illustrates a statement in an Alexandrian manuscript from the first century AD. It states that, if a bull dismounts from the right side of the cow after mating, as he does in 2018 Newest For Sale Cost Gianvito Rossi Portofino Ankle Strap Sandals Store Cheap Price Usv36eD
, the conception will result in a bull calf, whilst dismounting from the left side results in a heifer calf. For humans who want to be sure of fathering a son, a sixteenth century Venetian tract lists eight requirements: (i) warmth; (ii) quantity of seed, because the male is the more perfect being; (iii) complete purity of the woman regarding her monthly purification; (iv) origin of the semen from the right testis; (v) ejaculation of the semen into the right half of the uterus; (vi) warm condition of the female ‘semen’; (vii) northern winds, as these, by an apparent counteraction, warm and strengthen the body; and (viii) optimum ages of the parents. Whilst it is remarkable that the theory associating male sex with the right side, and female sex with the left side has lasted for so long, it is equally remarkable that when the theory is divested of its more extravagant trimmings, it can be found to contain a core element of truth.

Read the full review: Microsoft LifeCam Studio

Read the full review:

Bringing 4K to a webcam near you

Resolution: 2160p | Features: 4K recording, 5X HD Zoom, Windows Hello, HDR

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4K Ultra HD
Windows Hello
Maybe a little too high-res

Have you ever used a webcam and turned up your nose because it can’t push the same amount of pixels as your phone? Well, you’re in luck. Featuring a stunning 2160p resolution and HDR compatibility, the Logitech Brio Webcam has finally brought 4K HDR performance to the webcam world. And if that isn’t enough, it’s also loaded with Windows Hello compatibility and an easy to use stand which will let you position it wherever you need to.

The Webcam of the future

Resolution: 1080p | Features: Background removal, Low-light correction, Windows Cortana and Hello compatibility, Facial tracking

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Windows Hello
Seamless background removal

Creative might not be the first manufacturer that comes to mind when you think of webcams, but after the Creative Labs Senz3D, that might change. This futuristic webcam has more features than you can shake a stick at, and the high-tech 3D scanner and facial tracking tech promises to lead to some intriguing things in both AR functionality and even gaming. It’s expensive, but you really are getting all the bells and whistles with the Creative Labs Senz 3D.

It costs a lot, but it does a lot too

Resolution: 1080p | Features: On-board processing, Zeiss lens, wide angle lens

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On-board video processing
Wide field of view
The 920 comes very close for a lot less cash

The C930e claims to be Logitech's most advanced HD webcam and it's also one of the most expensive ones on the market. But, unlike traditional webcams, which rely on the PC to do the heavy lifting, this unit does the video encoding itself, which should in turn result in better video quality. The wide, 90-degree field of view means it’s well-suited to business videoconferencing and presentations, and of course it’s Skype-certified for PC and Mac.






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