Passengers on Tejas Express smash LCD screens, soil toilets: We clearly don’t understand civic duties

That’s more or less what happened when Mumbai-Goa Texas Express – the first semi-luxury high-speed train in India – returned to Mumbai after completing its first trip.

The train – which covers 630 kilometres in less than nine hours and has modern equipment on board, such as LCD TVs, Wi-Fi, CCTV, coffee and tea vending machines, organic toilets and non-contact water taps – arrived Tuesday in Mumbai complete disaster.

Some train passengers crushed LCDs stole their headphones and stained toilets, they reported. There was also a lot of garbage on the train that the railway’s authorities were surprised to appeal to the passengers to try Texas express worse if they would own it.

One passenger said that some people were trying to remove the LCD screen, pulling their hinges, while others have not pulled the chain after using it, so the toilet began to spit out an hour later the journey begins.

As for stolen headphones, Mumbai Espejo quoted another official as saying: “The headphones were delivered just after the start of the trip. There was no announcement to return the headphones because we expected that passengers will not prevail, as they do not retain pillows and blankets. ”

This raises a question as to whether we really deserve high-quality facilities, such as those provided by Texas Express. After all, if the facilities are to be stolen anyway and vandals, the government should provide quality services and spend the money saved on food, education or employment.

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