In the plains of north India, Muslims rethink politics: A story of introspection

After a 20-minute conference in the political marginalization of Muslims in India, an eminent Muslim scholar on Deoband exchange floor Ulum Darul.

“We can be down, but we know one thing, the future is jamoooriyat, democracy, we have confidence in India, the Indian system during elections, no one can change the Constitution of India, and at the moment we are safe.

Even if the provision is part of the history of Muslims in contemporary India, political introspection is another. They think difficult political decisions they have made in the past and the political decisions they must make in the future. It is a remarkable opening time in the community. And all the options are on the table.

There are four, Manzar Islam teaches social sciences in Azad Academy Araria. During a conversation about the winning candidates of the first BJP candidate candidate at Narendra Modi in 2013, he said, the palpable irritation in his voice, “Why do you question a Muslim? Do you think we can love?” The confidence that Modi would not gain – because these are the same ones that opposed the Hindus, citing the end of UR Ananthmurthy and Amartya Sen.

Islam is retired and met at his home near his former school Araria. His tone changed palpably.

“What we do now? Even backwards and Dalits are with Modi. He will win in 2019.” Islam, in a tone of fact, speaks of the field of polarization. “Even at the level of the room, where the Muslim candidates, the other party will meet behind a Hindu candidate.” This mentality is percolated, we have to accept that the majority will decide.

Islam – an advocate for himself Nitish – said the situation leaves no community choice to commit to Modi and the BJP. “The community and the BJP must speak, look, Modi himself well, he does not discriminate, they are not even his disciples who cause problems, these are the people who act on his behalf. Be flexible, we can find common ground. ”

This is a voice that we hear more and more elderly people in the community, especially those who participate in the functioning institutions.

In Bareilly, Maulana Shahabuddin Razvi is director of the Islamic Research Center and secretary general of India Tanzeem Ulama-e-Islam.

He said that Muslims must accept the PM, and now the UP CM are from the BJP. “There are problems, but I am in favor of talking to them to say that we want to be partners of Sabka Saath, SAB ka Vikas. We are also citizens, we also have rights, we must remember. Muslims with the Qur’an on the one hand and on another laptop and make them implemented.We want to save the distance. “And adds that Yogi Adityanath also after CM resumed, the changed language said no way insensitive.

He responded to these impulses, even within the Muslim society that a delegation of the Jamiat-Ulema-i-Hind met with the prime minister. He raised the problems of the “gulf” between the government and the Muslim community, but the meeting also ushered in a kind of critical engagement.

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