All stakeholders must target the ‘new normal’ of political morality: Election Commissioner Rawat

All stakeholders must target the ‘new normal’ of political morality: Election Commissioner Rawat

The narrative that places the maximum bonus to win at all costs, in which lawmakers poacher hailed as a smart management policy, use of money for the indirect and difficult use of state mechanisms of intimidation were praised as débrouillardisme, Must be the object of the exemplary performance of all interested parties, said OP Rawat Election Commissioner.

Mr. Rawat’s remarks came a few days after Congress accused the BJP in the Center and in Gujarat of using agencies for intimidation and money to win their deputies before the Rajya Sabha elections in the state.

“The winner can not commit any sin: A custodian who crosses the field of government is cleared of all guilt, as well as possible crime, etc.”

It is this “new normality” of political morality that must be the object of exemplary action on the part of all political parties, politicians, the media, civil society organizations, constitutional authorities and all those who have confidence. Democracy for a better Election, a better future, “Rawat said.

The Commissioner of Elections made these statements in the “Regional Consultation on Electoral and Political Reforms – North Region” organized by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR).

In sharing the measures taken by the Electoral Commission to ensure free and fair elections, M. Rawat says that the electoral body has proposed to amend the relevant legislation to allow the presentation of the election in the alleged practice Corrupted also by a defeated candidate.

“The consequence is that if the Supreme Court has a person elected or not, guilty of a corrupt practice, there could be an additional disqualification of the person for a maximum of six years.”

The large influx of special interest groups to the electoral process would weaken democratic governance and lead to “policy capture” for a powerful but powerful group.

The introduction of electoral ties by the central government could be a step backwards in terms of transparency, he said.

Certain changes in the Income Tax Act, the People’s Representation Act and the Companies Act ensure that all donations received by a political party through an electoral link were removed as part of the contribution report.

“In addition, when contributions received through electoral ties are not declared, a reading of reports of contributions from political parties did not specify whether the party in question had donations in violation of section 29B of the Law on Representation of Persons, which prohibits The political parties receive donations from government companies and from foreign sources, “he warned.

The Commission also expressed concern that the abolition of the relevant provisions of the Companies Act (removal of the maximum limit of 7.5% of income from political donations) could lead to money laundering through the creation of fund companies. Funds for donations to the parties.

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