Talk to Kashmiri separatists or the fanatics may take over

A bit of improvisation on a quote by Noam Chomsky explains the images digitally stored in the Kashmir valley in India and the continent: the population, in general, does not know the problem and she does not even know she does not know.

In obtaining conflict of feelings, emotions sustained by supporters, conflict is easier than agreement. What is offered are two relative truths; Election motivated by predilections influenced by propaganda. Essential dialogue is not easily acceptable.

The Saner elements in the valley recognize the need to reach people beyond the Banihal pass. But for them, the wall of mistrust – I mortified every night by the jousting television accounts – seems impenetrable.

A disturbing collapse is the inexorable disappearance of traditional politics in Kashmir. Dialogue aside, there is no semblance of coupling between opposing voices except in study wars. Regional forces such as the PDP and National Conference losing ground. Even the separatists we know in the last quarter of a century see no relevance to the Islamist militancy issue!

Evidence of this could be reserved was the threat of Zakir Musa to unleash the leaders of Hurriyat who described Kashmir as a political conflict. There are unmistakable signs that the commander of Hizbul Mujahideen overthrew traction among alienated youth groups. The rows of stone are joined by the children of rich families. They do it by conviction or revenge disdain by the security forces. Not for money.

Officials with whom I have spoken in the valley have agreed that if the situation was allowed to drift and without political intervention, Hurriyat could be overwhelmed by a parallel force and no fanatical concessions. The choice, as it lies between the known and the unknown devil the devil! The destruction of the separatist or popular esteem could support Syed Ali Shah Geelani entities appear moderate. The distrust for dialogue is equal and mutual. On the one hand, public opinion is motivated by “excess” symbolized by the episode of human shields; The other by mobs stoning the security forces. Openness rooted in history Even talk of betrayal discussions. A leader noted with regret that the Jammu and Kashmir that he knew were now “against Jammu Kashmir”.

But there has to be a way out of the blind. The tragedy of Kashmir is compounded by the absence of statesmen – politicians who could extract quicksand where it sank. Geelani, which is well considered in the valley is dominated by New Delhi for its extraterritorial tendencies.

Ageing is a maximalist separatist, not a terrorist. It could if the Center would use the way the NSCN (I-H) leaders were in Nagaland, at least for cooling temperatures. It is in the twilight of his life – as Isak Chishi Swu finale when the pact “frame” in 2015.

Only a miraculous change of majoritarianism in Kashmir’s Central policy can do the impossible. It is desirable but unlikely. In Geelani’s remote possibility to adjust to India’s “Hindu” Modi, his fate might be similar to Harchand Singh Longowal Punjab.

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